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    Mathew T. Giachetti – Cert Officer, contact him if you have questions about certifications.
    LifeForce USA, Inc.
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    Guard requirements.

    The following lists the prerequisites for becoming a BEACH lifeguard:

    · Swim 500 meters in under 9:45 minutes for beach guards.

    ·         Run 1 mile in under 10:00 minutes, beach guards only.

    Beach guards - your entire first summer's performance, as well as in rookie school will also have an impact if you remain a beach guard or get moved to the pool.  During rookie school you will be expected to swim a mile as well as use lifeguard equipment such as paddle boards and kayaks.  Running will be involved, use of radio's, first aid training, and use of torps and line during rescues.  During big water days you will also be evaluated on rescue drills.

    · POOL GUARDS - Swim 200meters (untimed) for first year only.  You will then also have an interview. 

    After you send in your application look for your name posted on the web site.  If it is, they your come on May 12, 2018at 3:45 to the Neptune Aquatic Center and do your 200 yard swim and interview.

    If you do not see your name listed, email me and find out why.  It may simply be an oversight.

    · Present current and official cards for CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and basic First Aid (a list of acceptable certifications can be found at; copies, duplicates, or cards from other agencies will NOT be accepted. Pool guards have to have LGT additionally.

    This is only required if you are hired, no guard will start work unless cards are on file
    · Commit to working from Memorial Day through Labor Day; as per the agreement between the Boro of Spring Lake and the Guards of Spring Lake, employees returning to college before Labor Day may end their season three days before the start of class.

    When you arrive for the Swim/run test date.

    Returning guards, complete on-boarding process for payroll (actually before this date).
    Returning guards, complete the “data base return info form.” DO THIS ASAP FROM TODAY ON, THE EARLIER THE BETTER. Thanks!

    You now can test anytime from March 1, on.  Go to the pool and there is a form for you do test with the Neptune Guards.  College students - hopefully you can do this on spring break.
    Otherwise you will swim on the set dates, if you cannot make the date you will test in the North end pool.
    The run test will be over Memorial weekend or one of the preseason weekends.
    New beach applicants – be prepared to spend about 2 hours the day of the test, you will run, swim and interview.  If you get hired you will then have to do the same steps as above as the returning guards.  You will also not start work until rookie school is completed in June.  If you have experience from a previous beach we may waive the start date for you but you will attend 1-2 days of rookie school so you go through all of our procedures.

    New pool applicants - see above in red your requirements and then the same paperwork process as the beach guards.
    All returning and new hires, we will have an organizational meeting on May 24, at 5:30 at North End.  Hopefully most of you can make it, we will go over paperwork, uniforms, and additional information.


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    April 1 – application deadline

    May 12 – swim test for new applicants at Neptune Aquatic Center 4:00-6:00 – you must present a physical form to test.

    May 24 – Spring Lake Organizational meeting for all employees 5:30 North End Pavilion

    May 26 – North End pool opens full time

    June 2 – Pool rookie school 8:00-9:30 am North End Pool

    June 9, 10 – Beach rookie school 9:00-6:00 North End Pavilion

    June 11 – Beach rookie school 4:00-7:00 pm North End Pavilion.

    June 16 – all beaches and pools open full time